"Having been associated with Safe & Secure Pty Ltd for over 35 years I have found them at all times to be honest, trustworthy and professional in looking after all our security requirements. The equipment they have installed over the years has always been reliable as it has been well maintained and any security issues on our back-to-base system have been promply attended to by them."

I have no hesitation in recommending their management and staff to any future customers."

Tony Mercier,
Managing Director,
Mercier Typesetters Pty Ltd, Granville NSW

Safe & Secure has a large range of safes for any home or business. Whether you need a large office safe or a small home safe, we can help, and advise about installation and security issues.

Why safes are so useful and important

Safes are more than just good security options. They’re also an excellent way of protecting valuable property and materials against damage, and keeping your storage of these important things well organized.

They’re also extremely practical as a way of managing risk to valuable property:

  • Even a small home safe in conjunction with a security system can provide protection for valuables and documents.
  • For licensed gun owners, they’re excellent security for the weapons, preventing unauthorized access, keeping them child safe, and statutorily compliant.

Good news- A safe is cheaper than you think

Safes are now quite inexpensive. Even a larger safe really isn’t very costly, and the smaller variety, which are very popular for home security, are reasonable priced. They’re also quite easy to install, with a bit of planning can provide you with a good security option for anything you’d prefer to know is in a truly secure place.

Safe & Secure safes

Safe & Secure supply and install a vast range of safes for both commercial and domestic applications:

  • Freestanding bolt down safes
  • In-floor safes
  • Mini deposit safes
  • They can also be fitted with alarm systems if necessary.
  • Wall safes
  • Fire resistant safes
  • Rifle & pistol safes

Want some help?

We know that these situations are difficult for patients and their family members, and that making decisions about such important things isn’t easy. If you’re having problems deciding what to do, or need to talk to someone who can take you through the medical alert systems and issues, you can talk to one of our experts.