"Having been associated with Safe & Secure Pty Ltd for over 35 years I have found them at all times to be honest, trustworthy and professional in looking after all our security requirements. The equipment they have installed over the years has always been reliable as it has been well maintained and any security issues on our back-to-base system have been promply attended to by them."

I have no hesitation in recommending their management and staff to any future customers."

Tony Mercier,
Managing Director,
Mercier Typesetters Pty Ltd, Granville NSW


Safe & Secure supply and install a large range of camera surveillance systems. Our systems are customized to accommodate both residential & commercial applications.

Safe & Secure security camera systems

Safe & Secure provides a full spectrum security camera service for businesses including:

  • Consultation services
  • Upgrading
  • Installation and training services
  • Customized camera systems
  • Maintenance and servicing


We have an extensive range of Digital and TVI cameras from low light level cameras, Infra-red assisted cameras and remote controlled cameras. Security cameras may be required for a variety of reasons, stock control, OHS requirements and theft. The introduction of cameras in the work place can a controversial issue, it’s important to point out to staff that they serve as a witness to their integrity when things go wrong.

The good news- Affordable, cost-effective camera systems

Surveillance systems are no longer very expensive, complex and high maintenance operations. New technology has created excellent, low cost systems which are also user friendly. The new camera systems are infinitely more efficient, offering higher quality images.

All of our systems can be remotely accessed via a smart phone, tablet or PC. This feature enables you to view whats happening in the workplace from anywhere you have access to the internet even overseas. 

Camera systems are connected directly to digital recorder (NVR) generally located on site, providing a minimum of 30 days history at any given time. Cameras can also be synchronized with security systems to enable comprehensive recording of burglaries or vandalism.

Need some help with security cameras?

Security camera systems need to be well organized, cost-efficient and as easy to operate as possible. Safe & Secure has over 40 years experience in this field.