"Have provided security systems for many of our sites over the past 25 years.

The team at Safe & Secure have always been quick to respond to any urgent requests with a friendly and helpful attitude.

They have provided expert advice helping to guide us with our ongoing overall security needs.

Safe & Secure have provided needed ongoing support in regards to installation, service and monitoring of security systems including management software packages.

Good on Safe & Secure, keep up the good work."

Jared Hart,
Syd Nth FM Group
Facilities Manager

Safe & Secure provides a full range of service and upgrade options for existing alarm systems.

Want to upgrade an existing security system?

Alarm technology has changed a lot in recent years, and the fact is that some older systems are now basically obsolete. Some simply don’t have the capabilities of modern systems, and can’t really do the job properly.

Upgrading local alarms

Local alarms often need to be upgraded. They’re usually older systems that people have had for years, and their condition varies. It’s important to make sure these systems are maintained because they’re often not monitored, and their condition isn’t regularly checked. They can fail without notifying the user.

Upgrading monitored alarms

Among the most important to keep up to date, monitored alarms need to be kept current to be fully effective. These capabilities are literally life savers, state of the art, and extremely efficient. Previous generations of alarms are based on technologies which can’t provide this level of support.

For homeowners, there’s a further issue. The obsolete systems don’t work very well with the new technologies, either. This is very like having an old computer which can’t handle new software, and that’s literally the case with some old alarm systems. Upgrades are necessary in these situations.

Thinking of upgrading your alarm system?

Upgrading both solves and prevents alarm system problems. In some cases, upgrades are redesigns of existing systems. It’s a good idea to review your security needs while upgrading, to make sure you get the best value out of your system.

Important: It’s also a good idea to ensure that the alarm system is properly configured to your current needs. Some older systems remain in place after renovations or other major changes, and may need to be redesigned.

Upgrade with Safe & Secure alarm systems

Safe & Secure can service and upgrade all existing security systems. We have the most modern, proven alarm systems available.

New monitored alarm systems are a class above the old technology, including:

  • Customizable functions
  • Rapid response capabilities
  • User ID notification capabilities
  • Self testing capabilities

These are all standard features with our Monitored Security Systems, and we can also upgrade local alarm to meet current insurance requirements.