"I am one of Safe & Secures first customers, our family home was then located in Killara and our family was quite young. Safe & Secure has since provided me with security systems in numerous premises both residential and commercial.

As our family has grown Safe & Secure is providing security for their family homes.

I was delighted when Peter asked if I would provide this testimonial letter, Peter’s company; Safe & Secure has always acted professionally and efficiently and I will continue recommend their services."

Harry & Helen Terrett
Darling Point 2027 NSW
15th August, 2011

Safe & Secure has over 40 years experience working with commercial security systems. One of the most important services Safe & Secure provides is their upgrading and servicing of existing systems.

This is a critical area for businesses, because it’s vital that these systems are both up to date and fully operational at all times.

The fact is obsolete systems are liabilities to business security. Some systems appear reliable because they are not operating correctly. Others are using old technology which is not upgradable and needs replacing to offer effective protection.

Upgrading is really an inexpensive way of improving your security system and bringing it into line with technology. It’s essential to ensure your system is providing the best possible protection.

How to tell when you need an upgrade

The real problem for business security systems is age of technology. If your business security system is more than 5 years old, you may need to look at an upgrade in the near future. Much better technology is available, including access control software and hardware which allows you to remote access your system and make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Another certain sign of needing upgrading is repeated false alarms. These are real problems and can cause irritation for neighbours. It’s recommended to get the system serviced and tested by a licensed technician every 2 years.

Safe & Secure upgrades and additions

Our technicians are licensed security professionals, familiar will all modern business security systems.

We provide:

  • Servicing of existing business security systems
  • Upgrading existing security systems
  • Consultation services regarding system requirements
  • Customizable business security systems
  • Security monitoring services 24/7, 365 days a year