"Have provided security systems for many of our sites over the past 25 years.

The team at Safe & Secure have always been quick to respond to any urgent requests with a friendly and helpful attitude.

They have provided expert advice helping to guide us with our ongoing overall security needs.

Safe & Secure have provided needed ongoing support in regards to installation, service and monitoring of security systems including management software packages.

Good on Safe & Secure, keep up the good work."

Jared Hart,
Syd Nth FM Group
Facilities Manager

Running a business is never easy, and business that needs to deal with plant supervision has a few extra problems to handle. Safe & Secure can help you manage this potentially expensive problem.

The main causes of trouble in environmental controlled rooms are either temperature or moisture. Even the best controlled server rooms can experience these issues simply because a minor component malfunctions.

The result of these problems is usually major down time or loss of data, and in some cases damage to equipment. Add to this the loss of business while being offline and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Environment monitoring solutions

These situations are in fact easily preventable. Electronic sensors can spot trouble before it develops into a catastrophe. A combination of moisture and temperature sensors can monitor equipment and the operational environment.

Safe & Secure plant monitors

Safe & Secure has a range of temperature, moisture and vibration sensors suitable for any type of plant environment monitoring situation.

Our systems provide:

  • Supervise high risk environments
  • Best practice operational configurations
  • Full monitoring of server rooms
  • Technical advice and support

Want more info about plant monitoring options?

If you need to talk to someone about a new plant monitoring system, or dealing with issues regarding an existing system, you can simply use our form or contact us directly.