"I am one of Safe & Secures first customers, our family home was then located in Killara and our family was quite young. Safe & Secure has since provided me with security systems in numerous premises both residential and commercial.

As our family has grown Safe & Secure is providing security for their family homes.

I was delighted when Peter asked if I would provide this testimonial letter, Peter’s company; Safe & Secure has always acted professionally and efficiently and I will continue recommend their services."

Harry & Helen Terrett
Darling Point 2027 NSW
15th August, 2011


Safe & Secure operates its own security monitoring centre using world leading RealGuard alarm/video monitoring software. The monitoring centre is certified to Australian Standard AS2201.2.1 by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited ASIAL.

Safe & Secure has a wide range of monitored business security systems. Monitored systems are common practice, and are highly recommended for businesses where security considerations are required.

Monitoring can be applied to all existing security systems.

A Safe & Secure system incorporates many features enabling simple and reliable operation for the user.

When your alarm is activated the following events take place:

  • The alarm system immediately communicates our 24hr control room,
  • within seconds your alarms panel identifies itself, and the location of the alarm involved.
  • Your prearranged instructions and contact information is displayed on our operator’s screen along with the nature of the alarm
  • The operator will call the premises to verify the alarm,
  • If you give the operator the correct password, the alarm is cancelled
  • If there is no answer from the premises the operator will call other nominated parties if there is no answer from the nominated parties a patrol is dispatched and or police are advised depending on the type of alarm
  • This is our standard procedure, but it can be easily customized to fit your specific needs

High risk security monitoring:

Alternative methods of linking security systems to our control room are available subject to insurance company requirements, these methods include: Multi-path devices which utilise the internet and wireless GPRS platforms. This type monitoring provides secure monitoring when normal phone lines are cut or tampered with.

Monitoring Facts

  • Your business security system is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. By a control room which meets all statutory requirements including full security, redundancy and generator back-up.
  • Burglary, Fire and Medical alarms are all able to be monitored.
  • Access control management and time & attendance packages.
  • Highly trained professional operators ensure fast efficient response