"I am one of Safe & Secures first customers, our family home was then located in Killara and our family was quite young. Safe & Secure has since provided me with security systems in numerous premises both residential and commercial.

As our family has grown Safe & Secure is providing security for their family homes.

I was delighted when Peter asked if I would provide this testimonial letter, Peter’s company; Safe & Secure has always acted professionally and efficiently and I will continue recommend their services."

Harry & Helen Terrett
Darling Point 2027 NSW
15th August, 2011

Safe & Secure has 40 years experience in providing full security services for businesses including security guards and patrols.

Security guards must be highly trained and licensed. They also need the skill and ability to deal with incidents as they occur. Security guards work with businesses to ensure best security practices, and can also provide valuable on the spot advice and guidance about any security problems or concerns a business may have.

Security guards and patrols on the job - The professional touch

The role of a security patrol can be extremely sensitive, requiring a thorough understanding of issues. Security work involves strict procedural requirements. Security providers and their guards often double as onsite advisory services for clients, to ensure the client is properly aware and informed of any risk factors or issues in situation management.

  • Alarm responses - Ensuring rapid response to a security system alarm
  • Patrol checks - Checking premises and maintaining a presence around protected sites. (Usually conducted as random checks, because a known patrol routine would be counterproductive.)
  • Static positions - Guard roles at entry points, access checks, and similar roles.

These positions in some cases include direct contact with the public, client customers, and interaction with staff and management in any incident. A high level of professional conduct is therefore essential to achieve best results.

Safe & Secure security guards and patrols

Safe & Secure provides a full range of security guard and patrol services.

We offer:

  • Security alarm response services (Integrated with monitored systems)
  • Security patrols
  • Highly trained licensed static guards
  • Industry best practice services
  • Experienced operators for all types of business and industry 24 hour, 365 days a year