"I am one of Safe & Secures first customers, our family home was then located in Killara and our family was quite young. Safe & Secure has since provided me with security systems in numerous premises both residential and commercial.

As our family has grown Safe & Secure is providing security for their family homes.

I was delighted when Peter asked if I would provide this testimonial letter, Peter’s company; Safe & Secure has always acted professionally and efficiently and I will continue recommend their services."

Harry & Helen Terrett
Darling Point 2027 NSW
15th August, 2011

Safe & Secure systems include highly efficient monitored hold up, panic & duress alarms. These alarms can be life savers and commonly used in a wide range of businesses.

They also provide peace of mind, reassuring business staff and managers that help is easily available.

These alarms can be fitted in any business premises. They’re unobtrusive silent or audible, situated in easy reach for users. Portable duress buttons can be carried if the situation requires. These alarms can easily be customized for any business environment.

Alarm procedures

When your alarm is activated:

  • Your alarm system immediately alerts our control-room operator.
  • Your alarm automatically identifies itself, and the nature of the alarm.
  • Your personal contact information is now displayed on our operators monitoring screen.
  • Our operators can then call any other responsible parties that you may nominate to respond.
  • An ambulance can be notified if required.
  • Police can be notified for dispatch to your location.
  • This procedure can easily be customised to fit your specific business needs.